hello everyone,
i'm julia, ux/ui designer.
create websites on tilda which help customers to make
easy purchases.
One page website for design studio. Minimalism style. UX/UI Design.Layout on Tilda. Basic SEO optimization.
eCommerce for Italian Fashion Brand of silk foulards. Fashion minimalistic style. UX/UI Design.Layout on Tilda. Basic SEO optimization.
Multi pages website Taxi and limousine services in Switzerland. UX/UI design, multilingual, layout on Tilda. Basic SEO optimization.
Website redesign for Polymer company in Russia. UX/UI design, layout on Tilda. Basic SEO optimization.
One page website for Online boxing course.UX/UI Design. Layout on Tilda. Basic SEO optimization.
One page website for surveying instrument . UX/UI Design.Layout on Tilda. Basic SEO optimization.
What is TILDA

What is Tilda?
How will my site load around the world?
In order for your site to load quickly from anywhere in the world, we use a Content Delivery Network (CDN). It works like this: important site resources (JS libraries, CSS files and images) are duplicated on servers around the world, and when the site is opened, the closest and fastest server is automatically selected.

The company that provides us with CDN services has 35 points of presence in Russia and the near abroad and 60 more in the rest of the world, with a total of 5.5 thousand servers around the world, which ensures fast loading from anywhere.

Where are Tilda's servers located?

Tilda is a distributed system. When you visit the site, you first connect to one of the main servers, the information on which is duplicated. They are located in Russia and Switzerland. The main HTML-code of the site is loaded from them. Then, using the CDN, js libraries, styles and images are loaded from the server that is as close to you as possible.

If you are in Russia, then you will connect to a Russian server located in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Your website data is located in Russia, which complies with Russian legislation.

The data centers where the server is located comply with international TIER III level standards. This means that the security of your website data is at the highest level.
Do sites on Tilda have HTTPS connectivity?
All sites on Tilda have the ability to connect HTTPS for their domain. This is a built-in feature that can be enabled in the site settings after connecting the domain, all IPs are already configured to work over HTTPS. For system subdomains at https://tilda.ws/, the certificate is automatically connected.
What international payment systems are integrated with Tilda? Russian Federation and CIS?
Popular payment systems 2Checkout, PayPAL, Stripe are integrated with Tilda.
Cloudpayments, Robokassa, PayPal, YuMoney, YuKassa, Alfa Bank, Sberbank, Tinkoff Bank, LiqPay, bePaid, PayAnyWay, Stripe and others for Russian Federation and CIS
Pricing and payment
Account owners have 3 tariff plans available - Free, Personal and Business.

Free - free, activated automatically after registering an account. It may well come in handy for creating a website, but very simple. Such a tariff allows you to use Zero-Block, but there is no option to connect your own domain name, SSL certificate, site analytics and much more. The Free plan is a great way to understand how a constructor works.

Tariff limits: the maximum number of projects is 1, the number of pages for each project is 50, the amount of uploaded files is 50 MB.

Personal is a standard tariff that gives you access to all Tilda's features: a complete collection of blocks, connecting your own domain, a collection of free icons, and much more. Check out the full range of features here.

Tariff limits: the maximum number of projects is 1, the number of pages for each project is 500, the volume of uploaded files is 1 GB.

Tariff cost: $ 120 per year + domain as a gift.

Business is a professional rate designed to host multiple sites. It allows you to create 5 or more sites on one account - each has a certain number of pages, its own domain, and so on.

The tariff plan also has varieties - these are Business 10, 15, 20 and 30. The number indicates the number of sites. For example, in the Business 15 plan, you are allowed to create up to 15 sites.

Another difference from the previous tariffs is the ability to export the source code. Thanks to this, you can create a site on Tilda and transfer it to your hosting. Suitable for those who want to edit the HTML code and place it on another hosting.

Tariff limits: the maximum number of projects is from 5 to 30, the number of pages for each project is 500, the volume of uploaded files is 1 GB.

Tariff cost: + domain as a gift.

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What languages does personal account support?

Russian and English
Step one
Describe your product or service, some details about audience and geography.
I will send you a small brief.
Step two
I will give you a detailed answer and an approximate cost and time frame.I will explain what is required From you
Step three
We're ready to start. We select content, you make a prepayment, and I start making your website.
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